Real-Time Monitoring and Remote Access Systems for STP/ETP

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The non- availability of manpower to operate the STPs/ETPs, the higher operating cost of the same with lower efficiency  and lack of proper feedback or monitoring system always has been a challenge to the customers with the STPs/ETPs. With the help of the growing number of available sensors and monitoring technologies, we have developed a solution with which the above problems can be addressed properly.

RTM is an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled smart water, air, energy & environmental management solution. The key focus of the solution is to help customers get real time data, predict faults & provide troubleshooting insights, with the power of data science to achieve assured returns (ROI) & lifecycle support for utilities/treatment plant investments.

Operating in real time, the system generates a wealth of valuable and actionable data by remotely and continuously monitors water networks and quality in STP/ETP.RTM consists of a number of smart sensors and control system to monitor flow rates, equipment power consumption, treated water quality etc. With the help of data received from these sensors we can manage network efficiency using real-time performance indicators. Remote access of the equipment in the STP can be provided through a PLC controlled panel and dedicated SCADA system.Thus we can monitor and operate the plant remotely with minimal manpower and higher efficiency, effectively reducing manpower cost since the plant can be operated by any technician from the maintenance/control room and minimal manpower is required for STP alone.

Key Features

  • Dashboard for hydraulic and water quality performance with indicators based on flow, pressure and quality parameters.
  • Continuously updated lists of process events and system events detected by statistical methods, including automatic estimation of missing invalid data.
  • Reduced operation cost (energy, manpower, consumables, equipment failure)
  • Improved transparency and accountability, reduced reliance on labour
  • Quality monitoring view with specific quality indicators, map display of multi-parameters probes, accurate quality event detection, sampling points with associated lab analysis data.
  • Increased STP/ETP uptime by enabling better preventative maintenance
  • Automatic chorine dosing, energy monitoring, and tank level monitoring.
  • Graphs showing the historical performance of the STP/ETP.
  • The dashboard can also generate daily reports and site updates with photos
  • PLC based remote control of equipment (Additional system as per customer request)
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An STP/ETP is a system that requires full time supervision to ensure consistent operation with minimum energy consumption. It needs to employ an engineer/supervisor/operator to monitor the STP/ETP, which is costly, time-consuming, and lesser efficient. We provide remote, real-time monitoring of the STP/ETP status, allowing for sudden response, if any abnormality is detected. Sensor data is streamed continuously to the cloud.

The RTM provides real time data on the quality of treated water (COD, BOD, TSS etc.),flow rates and status of various equipment, our backend analytics can quickly detect anomalous readings triggering an alert to the concerned party. These alerts can be used to deploy maintenance crews immediately before complete failure, improving efficiencies. Further, the alerts can minimise costly equipment failures (pumps, blowers) and prolonged downtimes which can occur if critical issues are not detected in real-time.

Water Quality

  • Manage network efficiency using real-time performance indicators
  • Follow the status of water quality throughout the network accurately and continuously.
  • Improve understanding of local water quality requirements: such as water origin, water blending, chlorine injection.
  • Quantify water losses.

Operational Effectiveness

  • Deliver reliable operations across the network through global hydraulic and water quantity analysis
  • Reduces the reliance on unskilled operators on-site to detect and correct issues.
  • Respond and priorities actions more effectively in the event of an incident.
  • Optimize water production or water purchase policy through improved network efficiency.
Sensors RTM Analytics
pH sensor Real Time Data Visualisation
TDS sensor Automated alerts
Chlorine/ ORP sensor Actionable insights
Conductivity sensor Trend analysis
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Efficiency matrix
Pressure Sensor Water and Energy balance
Flow sensor Fault detection
Energy meters Remote access
Variable Frequency Device Tank level
Turbidity sensor Production rates and run time

What our client say's

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    Genuinely impressed by such state-of-art technology that has proved useful for my business at every step. I appreciate the sharp attention paid to creating these highly innovative machine learning products.

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    EnviRobotics with pre-trained AI models is not only a surprisingly fun user experience for us, but it such highly integrated technology has made machine learning more approachable for me.

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    Focussed App on boarding is made with thorough consideration of customer needs, EnviRobotics has made machine learning more accessible even for Not-So tech savvy people indeed.

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    Uninterrupted and rapid functioning, User firendly, easily accessible from any smart device are few words I would like to define products by EnviRobotics.